Grad Show

event marketing, logo + motion design

Grad Show

Logo reveal, print collateral, presentation, deck of cards
Student Group Project
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Project Summary

To advertise the SFCC 2022 Graphic Design Grad Show, the class was divided into groups. Each group pitched a concept to a panel of judges to determine the theme for that year. Our team’s concept was chosen as the marketing strategy.

My role was the logo designer, animator, and copy writer for our group. I also played a large part in developing the concept. Some of collateral we designed include: logo + branding, logo reveal, poster, mailer, deck of cards, social media strategy/ timeline, social posts.

You can check out the event website at

2022 AVA Grad Show | Cards on the Table (

During our final quarter, our entire class banded together to make the grad show a reality. I took the position of digital production manager.

This project was a huge effort by our entire group and I'm grateful to our whole team:

Elizabeth Empey - Project Manager & Designer

Ezra Leigh - Art Director, Designer & Web Designer

Julia Lindsey - Designer & Mock-up Master

Nathan Donahue - Designer & Web Designer

Talia Glass - Designer & Zoom Filter Specialist

Mikael (Myself) - Logo Designer, Animator & Copywriter

And the entire class of SFCC 2022!

The Work

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